Ried Wiesthalen


The cool elegance – combines in a ideal-typical manner cool fruitiness, elegance and freshness.

One of the noblest varieties, with a long tradition at the Bisamberg, is for sure the Riesling. Not without reason, because the variety is equally benefiting from the proximity of the Danube, the geology and the altitude. The heat during the day is followed by fresh breezes in the evening. It allows the vines to breathe deeply, soak up the spicy aroma of the soils and, in turn, lend this incomparable, crystallin and mineral character.

The Ried „Wiesthalen“ is one of the highest slopes at the Bisamberg. A high proportion of coral limestone with numerous crystalline enclosers gives the wine its captivating minerality, which harmonizes perfectly with the fruit aromas.

The Riesling, as one of the kings among the white wine varieties, has a relatively slow development and reaches its peak mostly in the fall of the following year after harvest and is accounted as a wine which brings fun and pleasure also in older, more mature years.


Alcohol: 12,5 Vol.%
Residualsugar: 7,1 g/l
Acidity: 7,7 g/l
Low in Histamine


Vineyards since the 1950er Years Vienna/Bisamberg/Ried Wiesthalen


Higest altitude, rich of clay minerals with crystallin enclosers


Cool, best conditions under 12 °C


6° - 8° C




Selective harvest by hand, smooth procession with gravity, without pumping. Skin contact 4-6 hours. Fermentation and maceration in stainless steel, storage on fine lees for approx. 6 months.

No fining, treatments or sterile filtration.


Starts with the typical stonefruit aroma, especially apricot, lemon, elder, wonderful

composition of sweetness and the acidity.


Suits as aperitif, for Tapas, Viennese cuisine and fried dishes, fish dishes.