Der Vollmondwein


The Full moon wine – according to the moon calendar cultivated and at full moon harvested vineyard. A wine full of depth, vitality and timelessness

The variety Weißburgunder occupies around 10% of the vineyard area owned by WEINGUT CHRIST in Vienna – Jedlersdorf and is situated in a relatively high site at the Viennese side of the Bisamberg.

A lot of patience, emotions and a strong quality selection were necessary to harvest the excellent grapes which lead to a great wine. In order to deepen the complex taste and the aroma and to reinsure a reliable development, a long and careful ageing period on the fine yeast was completed.

The wine is vinified in a very special way. The focus is on the moon calendar, both harvest and cellar work are aligned with the full moon. The Project started back in 1997.

Various blind tastings confirmed the bonus of this particular vineyard management. Also, the storability always knows how to convince.  


Alcohol: 13,0 Vol.%
Residualsugar: 4,9 g/l
Acidity: 5,4 g/l
Low in Histamine


Vienna/Bisamberg/Ried Falkenberg


Plateau, marine sediments, high calcareous activity


Cool, best conditions under 12 °C


6° - 8° C




Cultivation and harvest in harmony with the lunar calender. Smooth procession with gravity, without pumping. Skin contact for approx. 4h, pneumatic pressing, fermentation approx. 75% in stainless steel tanks and 25% in barrels. Storage on full lees for approx. 6-10 months.

No fining, treatments or sterile filtration.


Yellow apple, delicate exotic aromas, creamy, fine spice notes, nutty, after some

time in the glass wonderful fresh meadow herbs come through.


Risotto, braised meat, veal, rabbit, snails, wildfowl, mushroom dishes and hard cheese.