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Ried Kirchberg Traminer

Few people know: Numerous well-known grape varieties have Traminer genes. But even in their originality, this “classic beauty” is a guarantor for deep concentration and enormous ripening potential.

In its complexity, the wine always presents itself full-bodied with mostly gentle, well-integrated acidity. Carefully pressed with an inviting aromatic which reveals ripe notes of lychee and zests, as well as floral notes of rosewood. The excellent ability for ripening makes the Traminer perfect for an oenological journey through time with impressive aroma dimensions!


Alcohol: 13 Vol.%
Residualsugar: 2 g/l
Acidity: 5,8 g/l
Low in Histamine


Vienna/Bisamberg/Ried Kirchberg


Profound loess, rich on chalk


Cool, best conditions under 12 °C


6° - 8 °C




Selective harvest by hand. Skin contact approximately 12 hours. Followed by

fermentation and storage in used barrels. On the full yeast for around 18 months.

No fining, treatments or sterile filtration.


The scent shows immediately - this is not an easy, playful Traminer. Strong notes of rose water, finely combined with a delicate wood spice. Very dense and powerful. Floral on the palate, again rose aromas, slightly nutty. Elegantly creamy on the finish. Ends in a long finish supported by delicate tannins.


Goose liver pâté and classic Foie gras, braised veal, creamy mushroom dishes, ripe hard cheese.