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Kastanienwald Pinot Noir

Anyone looking for power and muscles here is out of place. In contrary, Pinot Noir shines with coolness, freshness and smooth easy drinking.

Since the antique, the sweet chestnut made its way through the Mediterranean till the south flank of the alps. The chestnut forest is a symbol for evolution and the name giver of this wine.

This vineyard contains only a few rows of wine. So small, in fact that the decision was made to dispense any kind of technology. Not picked, not pressed, slowly and cool fermented, a vinification far away from commerce.

The wine convinces with refreshing notes of mint and eucalyptus as well as fine aroma of ripe forest berries. The maturation is for over 36 months in barrels, without any noticeable burning inside the barrels, which is followed by bottle ageing. Unfiltered.


Alcohol: 13 Vol.%
Residualsugar: 1,2 g/l
Acidity: 5,6 g/l


Vienna/Bisamberg/ Ried Wiesthalen


Flysch sandstone, coral limestone


Cool, best conditions under 12 °C


12° - 14 °C


Pinot Noir


Selective harvest by hand, not destemmed, „whole bunch“ fermentation. No usage of any technique. Open mashfermentation, approximately 2 weeks maceration, followed by racking and 30 months barrel ageing in 300l barrels.

No treatments and unfiltered.


Fine garnet red colour. Cool scent of peppermint and eucalyptus, accompanied by currant and sour cherry. On the palate there is a noticeable spice, raspberry and eucalyptus. Supported by a chalky mineraly taste, our Pinot Noir culminates in a long lasting, elegant finish.


Classic Viennese cuisine, boeuf bourguignon, lamb, grilled chops, pasta dishes.